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Movie Review:-

STORY: Aditya Vardhan (Adhyayan Suman) could be a budding creative person UN agency on a visit to Darjeeling meets Sophia. He invitations her to come back all the way down to urban center to pursue a career in modelling. urban center changes her life – on one hand she could be a rising star within the glamour business and on the opposite she falls taken with with Aditya. however once he leaves her to marry another lady, she is shattered. will fate get them back?

REVIEW : Is it a romance, a revenge drama, a sob fest? the foremost appropriate word for it might be – crooked. This film starts off as a romantic drama however by the climax, it’s too convoluted to induce you to even look after its characters. A budding creative person and his muse have a stormy relationship. She is passionate about him, dreams to marry him and hopes for a happy life along. He desires to be associate degree triumphant success UN agency desires to win, by hook or my crook. Marriage, for him, is that the passport to a much better life.

Director Anil Ballani’s construct has promise. His hero isn’t the instance sensible, idealistic, loving man. He has grave daddy-issues. Being associate degree opportunist is constituted in his psyche. however Adhyayan fails to deliver associate degree adequately nuanced performance. He might have given Adi some heft and depth, however instead he keeps makes him boring. His grim expression rarely changes, however he will manage to wear his conceitedness with a placing unconcern. His brooding temperament gets too tedious. Sara Sophia Loren lacks the innocence that should’ve been the pre-requisite of her character. The leads haven’t any chemistry in the least, that is why you ne’er feel invested with in their romance.

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