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Movie Review:-

Global cake is that the story of a criminal WHO turns into a leader. The social caustic remark takes on Aamir Khan starrer PK and comments on however faith has become one amongst the largest businesses within the country.

REVIEW: In Bharat, religion trade is that the most moneymaking of the ton. world cake has the smarts however ne’er shows United States of America something we have not seen before. The promising Abhimanyu Singh (of Gulaal fame) may be a politico’s prime partner in crime WHO survives a police encounter. The safest bet for him is to show into a Godman. He wipes out his past and hides his misdeeds behind the garb of his angelic cloak.

This is such a dependable plot that ne’er loses context. faith in Bharat has invariably been a sensitive subject. Despite being a religiously numerous country, we have a tendency to ne’er need to hunt logic in our religion. in a very rattling scene, director Manoj Tewari explains however the plenty area unit conditioned to shop for into blind religion over logic. once Sanjay Mishra, WHO pays an area hero within the film, suggests yoga to AN rotund man, he does not take it kindly. world cake manages to ‘cure’ him by suggesting that he walks to a hill-top whereas intonation some wizard words. The humour therein scene pinches you back to reality.

But the director’s sharp thinking is proscribed to the film’s plotting. It eventually becomes AN agitated tale that hardly has something novel to supply. The characters area unit all uni-dimensional and ready-made – The Godman is sheer evil, the politicians area unit all scheming and corrupt, the cop is simply rendered helpless, the journalist finishes up being a victim and also the plenty, gullibl

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